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I’ve written about polish drivers in a different article, this time I will write about Italian drivers instead. This is from my limited experience so I don’t know if this is widespread of just a factor of luck.

  • In Italy drivers are way less polite than in Poland.

In Poland if you make a mistake lining up or need some space to manouver most people will understand and help you, in Italy they just ignore you and sometimes even try as much as they can not to leave you any space to merge. That unless they’re truck drivers, they’re usually good everywhere.

  • In Italy drivers don’t know how to drive on highways

You notice that you’ve passed the border into Italy by counting the number of people staying in the left lane even though they’re not passing anyone and the right lane is completely empty. I haven’t seen any other European country where drivers drive like that so consistently.

  • People bonking on red

You have surely heard about Napoli: everybody is certain that people there ignore any kind of road rules, including red lights and just go through them nonchalantly. I have never been there so I cannot confirm or deny the allegations, but we have seen something similar in Turin. It is obviously not widespread and probably just some crazy guy that you might find anywhere, but it is the only place where it actually happened. A car was stopped at a red light and the following car started bonking and screaming for it to go that there was no one.

  • People ignoring stop/yield signs

If you want to avoid being in a car crash on a weekly basis in my city, you need to know which intersections the local population decided that they can ignore respecting the right of the way and they just blaze through. Rules don’t apply to them. Everyone knows that nobody is going to yield there so you need to be extra careful not to find a car ramming your side because they didn’t respect the stop signal. They go through it full speed, even though you can’t see if there is someone coming or not since it is behind a blind corner in the road.

  • Cutting people off

Let it be on a highway or a normal road a lot of drivers just merge into your lane without looking if there’s anyone coming and forcing you to break hard to avoid a crash. I’ve seen it happen in many countries, but in Italy it happens more often than most other countries I’ve driven.

  • Ignoring Limits

People love to speed, but not as much as Polish drivers love to overtake. Even if there is a signal that there is a speed check in 200 meters they would rather pay the fine than slow down not to get it.

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