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If you ask someone who doesn’t write often either of the following questions:

  • If you had to write something, where would you find the inspiration?
  • What would you write about?

They would probably say that they find inspiration from important event through their life, or that they find it in their daily routine or again that they would write about what they have already have the knowledge of.

It might seem hard to find topics to write about at first, but with time you will find yourself with lots of ideas.

The problem will change and become how to capture them effectively and how to know which ones to write about and which ones to discard.

Some ideas are plainly bad1, but for those kind of ideas you wouldn’t even consider writing it down in your idea list so we are going to ignore those. For all the rest you can’t know if an idea is good until you start experimenting with it. After writing a few short sentences it will become obvious if it’s an idea that it worth pursuing or not.

Another error is valuing the ideas by the word count they produce. There might be an idea that it fully expressed in just 200 words and another that is not exhausted in 2000, that doesn’t mean that the first one was a bad idea.

I find that writing so often I find inspiration from things that at first look seem uneventful and nothing interesting to write about, but once explored they might become interesting.

Of course this doesn’t happen often and it is not always consistent. Sometimes you start writing something and it just doesn’t click. It is not interesting to talk about so you have to scrap if, but other times you can find something interesting about it that it is worth to share and talk about.

  1. I have been reminded that something good can come out from bad ideas with proper execution. Starting from a position of weakness is not the best place to be though, but it can be done. 

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