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This is not going to be a review, just a free quick thought after using it for a few days.

I come from an iPhone 5S and later on, a cheap android budget phone. I’ve liked my one year + with android, but it was time to go back to iOS. I don’t want this to focus on the comparison between the two too much since I’ve already written about it in depth and I’m surely going to write more about it in the future, but some comparisons are necessary.

I bought the iPhone11 in white 128gb. the first impression was: Having a bigger screen is great! Quickly followed by: reaching the edges of the screen is so Hard! But it is still so much better.

On top of that I haven’t been using an iOS device as my daily drive, even though I’ve been using iOS extensively from my job, but it really made me realize how different it is using a piece of software every day vs using it every other day.

As for iOS 13 there aren’t really any wow changes in my opinion. Dark mode is nice, but a lot of apps already had custom themes and a lot of what was announced at wwdc in June will be seen in a few years, this is often the case, but this year more than usual.

The camera is really good, mostly the software tricks they pull using machine learning to make the photo sharp and the various studio light modes introduced last year.

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