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Patrick Rhone:

I’m certainly not a model citizen here but I can tell you that I care a great deal. Sharp eyed readers may have noticed that I make slight edits and wording changes to most of the things I post. Sometimes I do this within minutes of posting them. I also have been known to re-read a post that is weeks old and make slight and subtle changes even though no one will notice but me. Why? Two reasons:

  1. I care.
  2. I once had a teacher in a creative writing class convince me that, when it comes to art, nothing is ever finished or absolved from the potential to change or improve. If I see something that I made that I think could be improved I do so, no matter the time or audience.

I do care too. When I publish a post usually I miss few mistakes (grammar, misspells, punctuation)1, so when I come back to it a few days after I get rid off all (most) of them because I do care even though i know that no one would read it.

For the same reason when i write i always take a long time (weeks or even months) to complete an very long article, because i wanna be certain that it doesn’t sucks, not too much at least.

  1. Also because I’m not a native English speaker, but i I’m not ashamed. I look at this as an opportunity to improve. The only way to get better is to keep trying, no matter what. 

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