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Update: Regarding the Talk Show


I wrote this very fast and mentally impaired by the news so don’t mind about random mistakes. I swear they’ll be fixed tomorrow.

I’ve been a long time listener of ‘The Talk Show’ and i love the 5by5 network and dan benjamin, i appreciate what they’re doing everyday. With this mindset few hours ago i got the news that the talk show was aired on the mule network, the dirst bad thought was they’ve stolen let’s make mistakes and now they’re also taking the talk show, but then i stopped. And i decided to take again a listen to episode 90 of the talk show, the last available.

This last show sounds creepy, expecially in the end when it seems like dan is trying to say to Jon: ‘you’ll be here next week right? I count on that buddy’ and John answers ‘i guess so’ and then ‘adios’. It make sense now, but maybe i’m just too paranoid, but in my opinion the last 4/5 shows were a bit different in a bad way.1

I feel really rally bad for how this situation turned out, bad expecially for their long time relationship.
I also hope that the rumors are lame, because if they turned to be true i can’t even imagine all their implications. i don’t wanna make any speculation so go check out on the net if you’re curious.

  1. And there is no after dark for episode 90, the last one available - two weeks old. 

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