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I’ve just updated my hp touchpad to ice cream sandwich and the first thing i’ve done on the new os was downloading chrome (which is only compatible with ICS).

I used int for a few days, here’s few screenshoot of the app running on my hp touchpad.


The favourite tab

Google’s homepage enhanced for tablets

Most visited sites

Other devices tab


It was marked as ‘beta’, I thought about Siri and all the customer’s indignation about Apple releasing a beta software (which works by the way) and I was like ok I’ll give it a try anyway.

Installed smoothly, let’s go.

I had been surfing for almost an hour when chrome froze, later on, i found out that it was because of a youtube video. Google has released a browser that doesn’t even work with its own services.

And I haven’t heard anyone yet complaining about it because you know, it’s still in beta!

It’s not a huge problem you could expect such a thing from a beta version, but what matters is that if they haven’t shouted at Apple I wouldn’t even mind writing something about it, but they did. That’s my response.

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