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As all the problems related to Xcode the first thing to do is to CMD+SHIFT+K and clean the build directory, after you’ve tried that you can proceed as follows:

  • Delete your cocoapod (Workspace, Podfile.lock and Pods folder) and

    pod install


  • Delete your bridging header and remove it from the build settings (just search for “bridging” and you’ll find it). Create a new .m or .h file and let Xcode create the bridging header for you.

If it still doesn’t work go to:

“Build settings” and search for “header search”.

Check your “Header Search Paths”, it should contain:


The second line should be one for each framework you’re using. (Where FRAMEWORKNAME is the name of the dependency you’re using of course.)

If there’s nothing add it (and look if the corresponding header exists in “/Pods/Headers/Public/…”

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