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Google is investing hard in Firebase and has been doing so for the past few years. I believe that they’re 100% sincere about it and I’m glad for what they are doing: making developers lives easier. Parse for what we knew had big plans too up until January 28, the day before they shut down. They never told anyone about it or even gave a hint about them being so close to being shut down. They even remade their whole dashboard and kept pushing updates up to the day before the shutdown.

So Google, you really can’t complain when people are not gonna believe you.

I get that it has been 3 years and people’s memory is very short, but there are still a lot of people who won’t trust a single 3rd party solution for everything about their app.

If you rely on different external provider and one of them shuts down you can migrate that specific thing that shut down (analytics, push notifications, crash reporting,..) but when all of these are merged into one single provider it becomes the single point of failure for the system and when it shuts down it is going to be really hard for you to migrate to something different since it is going to impact the whole app in major ways.

Be wary of the cost when you add such big dependencies to any project. Its cost may be worth, or it may not be.


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