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Apple unveiled 5 new products yesterday:

This is not an article about all the new features, there are plenty of sites out there for those articles, these are only my thoughts.

I have taken few notes during the keynote yesterday and i wanted to share them with you. They’re rush, raw an unediter so open it up at your own risk.


Let’s recap a few things worth mentioning from the it:

  1. Don’t call a device sexy, seriously don’t do it unless you really think it’s sexy, i mean in a sexual way.
  2. Twitter goes wild during these events. Even with only 100 following my feed was flooded by tweets (7/8 per minutes if not even more).
  3. The design of the iPhone5 is gorgeous, I didn’t think anyone could have improved the actual design which I thought was perfect, but this one guys…
  4. The iPod classic is still alive - for now - even if it’s been updated for 2 years.
  5. Foo Fighters were a great surprise!

Few Dates

  • Sept, 14 - iPhone5 pre-orders
  • Sept, 14 - New iPod Touch and iPod Nano pre-orders
  • Sept, 19 - iOs6 release day
  • Sept, 21 - iPhone5 available in Us, Uk ,..
  • Sept, 28 - iPhone5 available in Italy.
  • Oct, 1 - New Itunes release day

Things I Didn’t like

  • Rounded icons on the nano

If you wanna make the iPod nano more like an iPod touch, just mount a basic iOs in it, not this non-sense hybrid with these shitty icons.

The rest of the nano is really cool though.

  • The loop on the touch

It seems a device for children, personally I won’t use a device designed for little kids.

  • (Almost) everything leaked

Nothing more to say apart from what happened to Cook’s double down on secrecy plan? They have to start it all over, because it did not work at all.

Update: Fixed typos.

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