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Update 2016-02-12: Notice that I’ll be soon migrating off to and will likely shut the faucet down.

I’m a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies and in particular Dogecoins. I’ve been mining them for more or less a year and I had a fair amount, so I decided on January to open a Faucet where everyone would be able to get some coins to get started. It’s ad-supported so that’s where I implemented what I explained in Blocking Adblock.

You can find it at /faucet, though it won’t be linked from the homepage or anywhere else (apart from a 301 redirect, for which I’ll have an article soon) from my old faucet site.

For the old users of the faucet: Nothing changed. Just insert the captcha and you’ll get coins, as available.

If you’d like to support the faucet you can tip the faucet account from the donate page linked from the faucet itself. Of course, I’m never going to force anyone to donate and the faucet will always stay free and the same for everyone.

PS: The Faucet has been live for a few months now, did anyone notice?

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