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Book Progress

A few week ago I announced that I’m working on my first ebook. I will be turning my “Migrating From WordPress To Jekyll” articles from a serie into one continuos book. It will be a relatively short ebook which covers one specific topic in detail.

It will be released on the web for free and for a small fee in ebook format.

90% of the content will follow closely the series I’ve already written for the web. I “just” have to adapt it to be read one after another as a book and not in an episodic format. On top of that I need to heavily edit it since what I write on my blog is only slightly edited due to time constraints.1

I have an active pull request that will stay open and document the progress in the writing/editing process until the book is ready for release.

There is not ETA for the moment, but I will keep everyone here updated on the progress every once in a while. For now I have edited the first few chapters and added 2 additionals more advanced topics in the end (on how and why to use CDNS and Netlify).

  1. I went from publishing whatever I wrote the same day to writing one day in advance so my wife has the time to proofread it and give suggestions, but it still a very short timeframe. 

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