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Best of Reddit - Introduction:

There are so many great threads on reddit, every single day, but soon they disappear into the void - for the very nature of reddit itself. This is a place to save what I find most “useful” in a given week.

I’d bet that the quality of this panel is gonna vary a lot on a week by week basis, but I hope that overall it’s gonna be worthwile — you’ll be the judge of that.

Repairability of the international space station

[And once more I break the rule of not posting TIL threads here, but what can you do? Something just cannot remain unspoken of.]
Makes you realize how much it has been built with the ease of Repairability and redundancy in mind (especially the latter).

Most overrated foods served in restaurants

Best post of the thread is probably an in depth explanation on why caviar is so expensive, and rightfully so (according to whoever posted the comment).

If you can speak, you can breath debuked

And insights on lungs capacity and air intake/outtake.

Has anyone tried to intentionally kill you?

An abuser is a redditor and gets a personal appeal:

Yeah. Fuck you, unnamed Redditor. Reveal thyself so that I may unleash the fury of my downvote upon thee!

How is growing up as a child of a porn star

Never thought about that until today.

Deep comment on the topic ‘no sex until marriage’

That’s what it should mean. Nothing less and nothing more.

Redditor finds an old trunk from WWII

Drinking alcohol can lead to something great, at times… (Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging the use of alcohol in any way you sneaky lawyers :P)

Slavery-free companies for this holiday season

Where you should buy your Christmas gifts (if you’re into that of course), nowhere else.

Great quotes

A collection of thousands upon thousand great quotes all across history (from Ancient Greece to nowadays).

Good cops vs bad cops

It’s terrible to hear how dangerous it is to denounce a colleague.

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