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Best of Reddit - Introduction:

There are so many great threads on reddit, every single day, but soon they disappear into the void - for the very nature of reddit itself. This is a place to save what I find most “useful” in a given week.

I’d bet that the quality of this panel is gonna vary a lot on a week by week basis, but I hope that overall it’s gonna be worthwile — you’ll be the judge of that.

Somebody call 911

I’ve thought about this before and if say that it’s pretty accurate. When something happens if there is no one around of call the police if there are people around I usually suppose someone already called them. I understand now that I should at least try to make sure they did, that’s a daunting task in a crowd of shouting people. I have no will to risk losing time of the 911 operator for something that had already taken care of, but worse would be if no one called and someone ended up dying there.

How anti-corps fight off infections

TIL: The sun is white, viewed from space

I have an anti TIL rule on this column, but this week I’d make an exception for this article. I found that this is not well known at all, even in science classes (even at high school level).

Since I broke the rule already here’s another space related one - enough breaking the rules for tonight… Til the next time, look up to the stars.

• [NSFW] - Most terrifying footage ever created

Google wallet is watching you

We can’t even prank people anymore, sad sad days. ;)

Most hilarious teacher notes

Nothing special, have surely been posted multiple times before on reddit, but it’s fun. Real fun. Kids do some really weird stuff, I’ve done my bunch of it (not much to be honest - yeah, yeah feel free not to trust me, but it’s the truth), but some of those are just insane.

Inconsistency in the bible

I’ve never been a believer, that’s no secret, but if someone does I have no prejudices. One thing is believing in something, a complete different thing is being blinded by such believes. If have no respec for those who believe just because, without being critic at all about it. That said, if you understand the implications and chose to believe that’s fine. Just think before you speak, thank you.

Tatooes for a knife

I don’t think people realize what a big deal getting a tattoo is. Let me get it clear for you, shall we? It’s foreign ink, on your skin. Your very skin. Forever.

Sure, you can get it removed, but that’s nothing to be taken lightly. It might sound easy and it probably is (I have no technical knowledge, so I’m not going to pretend that I do), but it’s having no respect for yourself if you do it without realizing that it’s a major choice you take and understand all the consequences.

You might have realized that this week has been different, I tried to append a personal thought — of decent length — after each of them, hope you like it.

This column will stop for the holidays and be back in full glory in January 2015. See you soon.

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