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Best of Reddit - Introduction:

There are so many great threads on reddit, every single day, but soon they disappear into the void - for the very nature of reddit itself. This is a place to save what I find most “useful” in a given week.

I’d bet that the quality of this panel is gonna vary a lot on a week by week basis, but I hope that overall it’s gonna be worthwile — you’ll be the judge of that.

How compression works

Askreddit thread about soldiers war story

25 years of old dungeons and dragons maps

Cinema and the use of CGI

A guy finds out that he’s colorblind

Google map layer of LOTR filming locations

Wait before saying that you have it on video, after having an accident

Great conquerors playing risiko

Popular sites report a fabricated reddit story

Why gardens are illegal in New Zealand

This is probably the best thread of the week, so hilarious how everyone seems perfectly legit while answering.

Bonus: I was about to publish when the news about Star Wars 7 broke out and since I’m a huge fan I can’t refrain from commenting on it here. The teaser of episode 7 has been released, I can’t deny that my reaction hasn’t been positive at all. It seems like something for toddlers. If the whole movie is like this it’s going to be a no go for me, sadly. I still hope they wanted to make fun of us with it… On the other hand everybody else on reddit seems to think that the trailer is great.

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