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Best of Reddit - Introduction:

There are so many great threads on reddit, every single day, but soon they disappear into the void - for the very nature of reddit itself. This is a place to save what I find most “useful” in a given week.

I’d bet that the quality of this panel is gonna vary a lot on a week by week basis, but I hope that overall it’s gonna be worthwile — you’ll be the judge of that.

Starting from next week I will change the layout of this panel and add more personal comments.

  1. Should I visit a prostitute to lose my virginity?
  2. Different colored blood is not so strange after all
  3. Redditors that had their weddings ruined, how and what happened?
  4. Have you ever been tortured ? tell us your storyserious replies only - Some stories in there are pretty terrifying.
  5. What is a science or history mystery that has already been solved but many people are not aware of?serious replies only
  6. How I Met Your Mother: A Study in Violet
  7. Traveled to Mexico to buy chemicals to humanely kill myself, bought a mound of cocaine and spent a week fucking prostitutes two at a time - How a man rediscovered how to live.
  8. What are some government secrets that have been declassified that most people still don’t know about?
  9. TSM Bjergsen - AMA.
  10. The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant has been operating since 1969, what equipment there would be original? - Another thread about nuclear power and security.
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