• FIX: iOS 13 Support
  • NEW: New Theme


  • NEW: All new backend for improved translations!
  • NEW: Increased limit on max number of translations allowed per month.
  • General Bug Fixing


  • Improved iOS 10 support


  • Added from - to language reversal!


  • FIX: Added a voice in the tutorial about the Speak function not working in silent mode.
  • FIX: Improved launch screen


  • FIX: Fixed a bug with the position of the banner.
  • NEW: Updated for iOS9!
  • NEW: Now the app will be able to read you the translated word in its native language! Most, if not all, languages are already supported!

Speak FAQ:

If, after buying the In-app purchase, the “Speak” feature doesn’t work make sure that your phone is NOT in silent mode.


  • FIX: Fixed an incorrect alignment with the italian translation
  • FIX: Fixed a crash when selected the picker view on a new device without an internet connection.
  • FIX: New indicator when the internet connection is not available
  • FIX: Disabled picker and buttton when offline
  • NEW: Added Knowledge Base section in Settings -> Support
  • NEW: Nuova Localizzazione in Italiano. Essendo Italiano mi è dispiaciuto non poter offrire la localizzazione per il rilascio. Se notate qualcosa fuori posto fatemelo sapere ;)
  • NEW: Dodano lokalizację w języku polskim. Wszelkie błędy proszę zgłaszać poprzez użycie opcji “wyślij opinię”.
  • Increased Speed across the board

  • FIX: Searching for a word for which the translation is not available won’t cause a non related error message to appear.
  • FIX: Fixed 4/5 bugs when selecting languages from Settings
  • FIX: The translate button will be disable if there is no text to translate.
  • NEW: Selecting a language for display from Settings will now be kept between launches
  • NOTICE: If you find any bugs when selecting a language please open a ticket. ;)


  • Initial Release

Valentino Urbano

iOS Developer, Swift, Writer, Husband

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