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From Fall App Updates:

Dreamer uses an open source machine learning algorithm to make your phone dream on your photos. Everything is local to the device so your photos are never seen by us nor uploaded to any server.

You can use Dreamer by browsing your local photo gallery or using Google Photos*. Please be wary that Google Photos support is experimental and might be removed in a future version. For more information you can read the article about it.

Machines dream too. They don’t have the same dreams like we do though. Explore through the app how they do it.

You can choose either your Camera Roll or your Google Photos album.

Google Photo is capped at the latest 20 pictures. To save on bandwith and API calls your Google Photos will be of very low quality until you click on one and go to the detail view (where you can select the theme you want your photo to be turned into).

There is no such limit for the iPhone Photo Gallery.

You can freely switch between the two modes whenever you wish.

From the detail view, after dreaming on an image, you can save it to the camera roll.

Key Features:

  • Dream on your Google Photos images or Camera Roll images
  • Save the dreamed picture to the Camera Roll
  • Privacy focused (everything happens locally on your device)

Credits: Github


Valentino Urbano

iOS Developer, Swift, Writer, Husband

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