I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about the issue, so I will refrain from doing so. The only thing I can say is that version 1.0.1 was ready on July 27 and never went live and version 1.1 was finished a few weeks ago and suffered the same fate. It seems obviously clear that there’s nothing I can do about it so I’m going to give up for a while, maybe I will try again in a few months, maybe not. The app currently works on iOS9 and will continue to work for many years.

Ary FAQ:

  • Don’t email me about this, it’s not something under my control.
  • Nope, I won’t tell you the reason if you email me.
  • Yes, I’ve tried everything I could and it didn’t work.
  • Nope, there is no way I can change something and that will make it go through.


  • FIX: Changed springboard name to “Ary”.
  • FIX: Support for iOS9 + iPad Multitasking!
  • NEW: Improved Networking, you should experience a better loading time for all images!


  • FIX: Fixed a number of bugs that slipped in the 1.0.


  • Initial Release

Valentino Urbano

iOS Developer, Swift, Writer, Husband

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