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Ice Cream Sandwich, the new operating system from Mountain View giant Google, Inc, has now reached 1% of market share after more than 2 months.

iOs 5 on November, 30 (it was released on October, 12) was adopted by almost 50% of the userbase according to Marco Arment’s Instapaper stats.

Adoption Rate

The most relevant news is that, as stated in a really good article by pxldot, the adoption rate of gingerbread even now is much greater than ICS, it means that there are more new devices with gingerbread than with iOS, but looking back:

It’s clear that Gingerbread has disseminated into the market much more slowly than either of Froyo or Eclair. In fact, it took Gingerbread about 17 weeks longer to reach a version distribution milestone (10%, 20%, 30%) than its two predecessors. While it is too early to fairly judge ICS’s trajectory, it certainly appears to have started at a slower pace than did Gingerbread (more on that later).

In the end, it’s clear that iOS will reach its peak even after the 70 weeks that Gingerbread took to reach its own.
That should sound as an alarm bell for Google, now the problem is getting too big. They should act quickly to force the handset makers to update their devices as soon as a new version of Android is released and to force them to adopt ONLY ICS on new devices or they will lose control of Android really soon, if that hasn’t already happened.

Update: here’s another article by the verge on this matter.

Update 2: Now iOS is at 1.6%.

Update 3: New data from david smith on the adoption rate of iOS 5.1. Hint: It has already reached 50% (thanks to OTA updates)!!!! IMPRESSIVE!

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