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November 1st marks the 4th year I’ve been writing exclusively about tech news online — mostly about my personal opinions on the news instead of the news itself, but the topic is similar. When you write about the same topic for so long, it gets old. That doesn’t mean in any way that I got bored with tech or Apple, I’m still excited as I was the very first day. It just means that I no longer have the urge of writing a commentary as soon as a news breaks. As fast as the tech news world goes, it would be pointless to write about something that is a week old — so I’m not gonna do that either.

That said coming today I’ll roll out a few changes.

I am gonna stop writing linked posts about tech, starting today, unless it’s really something I care a lot about1. If anyone is interested in that, the best blogs to follow are:2

[Mostly about Apple rather than Tech in general..]

The (barely minimum) cadence is gonna be of one post a week, usually there are going to be two of them. The first post is gonna be an essay about a specific topic, usually tech related, writing and programming — but not necessarily. The second post is gonna be a linked post with the five or ten best3[ topics of the week on reddit [NSFW alert4].

The first post is gonna be published on Monday evening (CET time), the second on Friday, around the same time. If there will be only one post the Friday one is going to be skipped.

Notice: This new schedule is gonna come into effect on October, 20th — skipping next week when the blog won’t be updated.

  1. That doesn’t mean once a week, maybe not even once a month. A news of that caliber would be something like the iPhone, Google Glass, the changes with iOs8 more like of analysis than an actual news commentary. I will probably keep commenting news in a txt file, still no idea what I will do with them — probably keep them as such. I want to make more time to write long form pieces — might that be a story, an essay or anything else that interests me. 

  2. Best as in “I liked them the most along all the ones that I’ve read” kind of thing. 

  3. Of course i follow many more blogs about tech alone, but those are the ones I enjoy the most and I wouldn’t want to miss a single article from. (Apart from tech I follow blogs about programming, automation, writing and I’m a Reddit addict.) 

  4. I will mark in the title and along every link if the linked post contains any NSFW links — it probably will. 

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