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You always under estimate how much stuff you own. Usually by a magnitude. Most often than not you don’t realize it. You only use a few things so you think you own just what you need, just enough.

It is only when you actually have it packed in boxes that reality hits you.

I thought I owned a few things, but damn they take a whole room. It is nothing compared to what most people own, but seeing them in one place that looked like a lot of stuff. My first thought was: How the hell are we going to fit that in a car?

We are 25 year olds that always try not to buy anything superfluous and yet here we are.

Moving across countries is a mess. Fortunately both being in EU name it so much easier. We can just drive over without having to stop at any border or having to tell anyone (apart our family) that we are moving. We are covered by EU health insurance and if we didn’t pick a country that is not in the Eurozone yet we wouldn’t have needed to exchange any money either. We can get permanent residentship just by registering where we stay and can open a business with little hassle. What’s not to love?

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