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Once a year I go through all my subscriptions (across every website I use) and clean them up recklessly.

This includes:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • RSS
  • Podcasts
  • Email Newsletters

I wrote about information overload multiple times and I always try to find ways to remove everything that is not needed. If I find myself not interested anymore in a channel there is no point being subscribed to it and just ignoring the videos, the same thing applies to all the other channels.

What you follow should enrich your day not be boring or worse, annoying.

You will find that you save so much time not scrolling through an endless list of things you don’t care about.


I try to have my following to be less than 150 (less than 100 would be even better).


There are way too many interesting youtube channels nowadays. Unfortunately, if you had to follow all of them watching youtube all day every day would not be enough. The amount of content available is stagger and the rate at which it’s being created goes up and up every day.


I’ve unsubscribed to all generic news feeds that have a high volume of posts. I now only follow websites that publish a maximum of 2 articles a day. For all the other interesting articles I have twitter to be notified so the fear of missing out is kept at bay.


Podcasts are not a huge problem. Even though I’m working for myself I still have to commute from time to time and I don’t mind listening to old episodes (since I only listen to podcasts while commuting). Because of that, I removed all the podcasts that were time sensitive and would be pointless to listen to a week or a month after their release.


The easy one, whenever I receive an email from a newsletter I consider if I still care and need to be notified in my email about this content, if I do I read it, otherwise I unsubscribe.

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