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Here a maybe unpopular idea: Logging your work promotes writing down a bunch of useless tasks.

Of course, that is not always true and it is not true to everyone, but having somewhere to compete on how many tasks you can do in a given amount of time will result in some people trying to fit everything into a task.

Here are a few examples similar to what I’ve seen in the wild:

  • Added comments to improve readability
  • Fixed an issue
  • Moved the button to the left

With this, I’m not saying that logging tasks aren’t useful or I’m that I’m against/ bashing any of the websites that let you log tasks ( wip, makerlog,..). I think they’re great tools to create a community and because of that makes you accountable.

The problem is only in your mindset. A tool is and will always remain a tool, which per se is always positive otherwise it wouldn’t have reason to exist. What we accomplish (or not accomplish) with that tool is what matters. We can use a hammer to fix something or we can use it to hit someone in the head. The hammer is not to blame for it.

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