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We live in an age where avoid boredom is so easy that we do it all the time without even thinking about it.We’re always super busy and the few moments we are not we are constantly bombarded with attention grabs from the numerous apps and social networks on our phones (and now even our wrists).

When I can’t find anything to write about I get bored on purpose. Either go to the train station with my Mac or iPhone and catch a random train. Ditching myself not to listen to music or read anything. Ideas start coming on their own. Now that I’m so busy I tend not to do that anymore, but I would like to and see what effects it has on my creativity.

I found that walking with my phone open on an empty sheet does wonder for getting ideas and for short-form writing. When doing so you’re not really aware of yourself walking so I would not recommend doing it on a public road, a park would be better.

As of applications I still haven’t found a decent note taking application for Android. For iOS Drafts is great at creating quick notes. I would not use a more featured app since the more options you have the more you lose focus. An empty sheet with a minimal, but complete, feature-set is the best.

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