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I never thought I would get an electronic watch. I never had the cult of watches as many others do, but I always appreciated the utility of having an electronic watch.

I don’t need them particularly to track the time since I always have the phone with me and I don’t really need them for notifications for the same reason. I also don’t like the notification part because of the distraction it brings. ALready having a phone on you is enough of a distraction, but having a watch that is now necessarely always on you (24/7 if you’re also using it to track your sleep cycle) having it delivers too many notifications is not healthy. It nice to see who’s calling or what’s the latest message without taking out the phone, but I don’t consider it a must-have feature. It would be nice is it allowed to set up whitelist so only if certain specific contacts call or send a message.

The real game changer is health wise. I’ve just got the miband3 and it can automatically track both the sleep cycle as well as your bpm (beats per minute). The real interesting thing about it is that the tracking is done completely transparent to you. You just turn on the tracking and after that decision, you are not required to do anything else and it will get tracked. I found the sleep tracking a bit off at times, but apart from that, it seems reasonably accurate considering its really cheap price.

Pretty sure this won’t be my last on the topic.

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