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VSCode Is Great For Writing

I really like Scrivener for anything either long term or with a substantial word count. Its complexity though is usually overkill for the writing most of us do most of the times.

I used to have a dedicated writing application in the past, something like Byword or Ulysses1. I felt like VSCode could work just as well for my use case and I didn’t really need the extra application installed. So I’ve been trying it for the past 6 months and for the last 3 I’ve completely switched over.

As of baseline it might miss a lot of features, but will the thousands of extensions available for it you are almost certain to be sure to find the one for your use case (or if you don’t you cna always write your own). For example, I have an extension for markdown files, a second one for latex previews and compilation and third one to catch spelling errors.

You still need to put your writing into an editing application (like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor) in the end, but for the writing itself it’s great.

I generally tend to use it in split view with the editor on the left and the live markdown preview on the right, but you can also use it full screen if you want a more focused session.

  1. This is on mac. On iOS I currently use my own note taking application, which I will write about relatively soon. 

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