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Excerpts from my Twitter timeline:

So my android phone decided to go on a boot loop out of nowhere while it was on standby. Haven’t installed any update lately, just great…

Now it’s “Downloading”, nobody knows what. Been stuck like that for 5 minutes… “Don’t turn off target”, like I can do anything… Still “Downloading”. Somehow I’m starting to think it’s not really downloading anything.

Everybody please welcome our new friend: The brick!

It’s late and I’m tired. I’m going to go out without my phone tomorrow. Will be fun… I woke up with phone still on, still rebooting every 2 seconds. First day without a phone in years. Let’s see how it goes (will update once I get back home in the evening) Only missed getting messages from my wife. Apart from that which sucks, one day without a phone was not a huge deal. It helps that I did not have any calls scheduled and I let people know I would be without a phone.

Now it has been two days. I just got another phone borrowing it from a family member. It was an old phone and they didn’t need it, still I was reluctant to accept it since I don’t want to be in this sort of situations. This time though I just need t phone until the next iPhone comes out in a few weeks so it’s not such a big deal.

My wife is pretty tech savy and she’s not be able to reflash it. Not having Odin1 officially on mac may be the cause, but even booting up a windows virtual machine or using wine did not work (she tried both). I still didn’t have the time to try myself and I’m not sure I will have the will to since it’s an old entry level phone.

The most disturbing thing of this all situation is how it happened. It did not ask for an update. It did not say it was going to do an update. It just rebooted automatically while it was on standby and NOT connected to power. After that it got stuck and started rebooting itself on loop without any user interaction.

I find it totally unacceptable and unbeliavable that something like this can happen. I had never heard of it happening to anyone before, but the fact that your day phone can turn into a brick any moment is concerning.


  1. Odin is Samsung’s recovery software. It allows customers too reflash their devices with an official firmware. 

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