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The Beginning

I’m turning my “Migrating From WordPress To Jekyll” blog post into a small ebook. I will be revisiting each entry and editing it for the medium.

Firstly I had to decide how to publish it. I decided to release it online for free, while at the same time releasing a pdf and epub version on both Amazon and Gumroad for a small fee (still not decided). I don’t expect to get any sales, but it is going to be an interesting process to go through nonetheless both generating and formatting the book as well as figuring out how to set up a page on both Amazon and Gumroad.

None of this is set in stone so it might change in the future.

In the next few days I’ll be writing on how to setup a page for a book on any Jekyll based website.

The Concept Behind It

Writing 200 words every day is great for generating new ideas and getting into the habit of writing something on a consistent basis. Writing so often means that I did not have enough time to edit since I was writing and publishing an article on the same day.

I will be now changing my schedule to write one day in advance as explained in the code review for writing article. The review process is open for everyone to join and comment so feel free to let me know of any mistakes or improvements that could be made.

On “Migrating From WordPress To Jekyll”

I have been writing this particular series for a while and it is the longest article I’ve written this year.

I still have a few entries in it before being able to mark it as finished, but I only did small edits to it while writing. I also did not have the bigger picture of how the whole finished piece would look like beforehand1. Now that it is done, it can be edited further and improved.

I have a lot going on at the moment so I don’t have any specific timing for it, but as with everything you will be able to follow the progress on GitHub.

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