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Seems yesterday when we all started complaining about Apple Software Quality. Or more specifically the lack of it.

But it wasn’t yesterday. It was when Lion launched. In 2011. It’s 2018 and nothing changed. Quite the opposite.

Going Downhill

The software quality has been going down ever since. Having tried Linux extensively at work1 I have to say that I’d probably switch to it if I didn’t need to have a Mac to develop applications for iOS and Mac OSX. I still really love the Mac and think it’s the best OS out there, but it has felt abandoned for years in favor of iOS. And you, as a user, feel like a second-class citizen to Apple.

These last few months have been terrible. Huge security bug after huge security bug after huge security bug after huge security bug. It seems like it’s a never-ending cycle.

We need2 a security/quality of life release. But most importantly it’s the culture inside Apple that needs to change.

If a yearly release cycle is unsustainable3 the release cycle must be moved to the right timetable.

What that is I have no idea. Nobody without a deep knowledge of Apple development process can say it - everybody who tries is just saying random BS.

A lot of people can’t dare to install x.0 or x.1 releases for the fear of suffering from data loss or not being able to work for some time. I’m more extreme in this, I only install the previous year OS on my primary machine4

This is not only an Apple problem, the whole industry is suffering from it. With Apple though we’re used to a high bar of quality, so it’s more evident than the rest. It used to “just work”. It no longer does.

I’ve tried a whole different range of Linux Distributions for the past 6 months. If I had to pick one it’d be CentOS (for a server) and Fedora/Ubuntu (for a client/work machine).

For both iOS and Mac OSX, but I’d argue that Mac OSX needs it way more than iOS does.

I have a development machine where I install the latest betas to test applications and such.

  1. Without having huge bugs each time and deeply impacting the quality. 

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