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The days of indipendent iOS App Developement are over.

It’s been on the horizon for years, but I can say the time has definitely come.1

I had high hopes a few years ago. Now, having seen the industry and the state of the App Store for years, it is clear: Only big players or lucky stunts can survive.

94% of App Store revenue goes to just 1% of publishers:

around $1.34 billion of the estimated $1.43 billion in net revenue generated went to just 623 publishers.

The top 1 percent claimed 70 percent of downloads, approximately 966 million, while the remaining 99 percent only saw 414 million.

It is time to develop cause you love doing it, as a side gig. Of course you can develop iOS as your full time job - it is mine - but you can’t do that for yourself anymore.

Not saying it’s 100% impossible to make a living from it, but it’s so highly unprobable that it’s like winning the lottery.

And every single app you put out it’s just one more lottery ticket.

Your time is better spent elsewhere, unless you don’t do it for the money, you do it because you like doing it.

  1. At least from my experience and what I hear from fellow indies. 

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