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It is hilarious to see so many people are lately complaining that there is no support link in our apps. The support link is the first item in the settings screen and it is not small either. I think they’re part of the few apps that have the support link so visible and prominent. Most apps either don’t have it at all or have it hidden behind many menu options. Still, people miss it all the time.

A lot of apps have decided not to have the support links at all. It is mostly indie developers for which the amount of support requests they get is way too much and they can’t keep up with it while also saving some time to develop the app.

Have A Separate Inbox For Support Tickets

First you need a different inbox for support tickets. I’d suggest it not to be a simple email address, but an actual support platform so you can have other people accessing it as well if you feel like you need that later. You have tools to flag certain ticket as high and low priority and so on.

Set A Time Limit

Another major point is to set a time limit on how long your going to dedicate to support tickets every day. This is going to depend a lot on a case by case basis, but apart from launch windows when you should spend most of the day answering tickets the rest of the time an hour a day is plenty.

You need to decide what’s best for you, but foregoing having a support link just translates the requests to 1 star reviews on the store. On top of that I’ve had many customers for which I fixed problems and released personalized betas and they’ve been very vocal in spreading the openess of the process so it is also an occasion to build great word of mouth marketing.

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