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It has been a while since I stopped reading fluff just to pass the time. Sometimes though you just want that mental freedom of faking productivity while you know 100% that you’re not really productive. My point of view on it, is the same as usual: Doing this consciously is not a big deal, doing it unconsciously is not good and you should stop and ponder on it for a while.

Today is one of those days. Not quite. This evening is one of those evenings. The rest of the day was pretty productive. Working on Teria, experimenting with new ideas and walking around the countryside.

But after working mostly non stop for months I have these valleys. I’ve talked about it before1, but I’ve never written anything about it while experiencing it. It is not that I’m completely unproductive during them, but I am less than usual and I tend to slack more. I don’t consider it a problem though since it allows me to recharge for the next productive period.

I’ve heard of several people who have this way of working on purpose. Basecamp for example has sprints and pauses between them for less taxing work. I’ve also heard of more extreme ways where a freelancer (forgot whom unfortunately) works for 6 weeks and does not work at all for 2.

You know yourself better than anyone else so you know what works best for you. For me it’s this, for you it might be something different.

  1. I thought I did, but I could not find the article so it is possible that I haven’t published it yet. If anyone remembers if I talked about this topic beforehard please let me know =) 

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