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Pomodoro Tecnique / Timer

I’ve always heard about the pomodoro tecnique, but I’ve never actually tried it. For those who are not aware, it consist of periods of focus work alongside short breaks to recharge. After a certain amount of working periods you get a longer break and then the whole cycle repeats.

I always thought that it was a terrible idea. It would break my concentration and thus make me less productive overall and once I came back from the breaks it would take me some time to get in the flow again. Without trying it out though, I can’t really say if that is just a preconception that I hold or it holds some truth to it.

I would have never thought of starting it on my own accord until I’ve read about the negative effects of blue lights. It is just one scientific paper, so it is not certain, and there needs to be more research to be conducted to come to a conclusion, but what they say to do to avoid it is not something that requires too much effort so even if in the end is not too beneficial it is not a great loss. On top of that I’m only planning to try this for a short period of time to see the results (if there are any).

What they suggest is to look away from the screen for at least 20 seconds at something more than a few meters away. And to do this every 20 to 25 minutes.

I thought that maybe using the pomodoro tecnique while not looking at the screen during breaks could be beneficial. Honestly I’ve been reading all sorts of theories for and against the idea that blue light has negative long term effects on your eyes. I’m obviously not a doctor so I can’t say if it is indeed beneficial or not and online it seems that most results are contradictory.1

I will start and try it for one week and come back with the results. Hopefully even if there are no long term implications if it just reduces short term eye strains that come relatively often after staring at the computer for the whole day it will not be already repaid itself.

Source: Study Glasses

  1. Another solution would be to try blue light blocking glasses, but I’ve heard a lot of mixes opinions about it and again I’m not a medical professional so can’t say much. For a lot of people they do absolutely nothing and for a lot of people they help. It is hard to know who to believe… 

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