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Pomodoro First Day

The first day using the Pomodoro technique didn’t go so well.

I only found a few apps that didn’t really do what I needed. Some didn’t let you configure how much time you want to spend resting and how much time you want to work. I’m not going to use it like most people to take 5 minute breaks, I just want to take 20 seconds to see if it helps with eye strain. Others apps only notified you with sounds (I always have my Mac on mute) and others didn’t notify you at all and expected you to glance at the app manually to know when the time was up.

So the result of all of this is that I'm still looking for an application. Hopefully by the end of the day I find one.

Ok I think I finally found one that has all I need (which isn’t really much): Be Focused.

Edit: Ok it is not great so still looking, but it works fine enough for now. It doesn’t start automatically after each break and you need to press play manually. I get it, they do that because they’re also a task manager and they want to know if you started working to track your time.

They’re all try to do too much.

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