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I’ve been using a password manager for 7 years and counting. I never regret it. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken.

Attacks multiplies every single year almost on an esponential scale.

Having a password manager is essential.

Password reuse is a plague.

Check if your account got compromised here. If it is and you haven’t changed the password since go ahead and do it now.

When you come back when can take the first steps on fixing the problem.

If you reuse the same password on other services you need to log there too and change it to a unique password. How, you ask? Simple, use a password manager.

We can’t remember a million different password, so we tend to use the same one for different websites and services. That’s a fatal mistake. What happens is that if someone compromises a service, they can use that same password on different websites.

If your username is an email address (and if it’s not usually you can get your username sent to your email for which you have the same password too) , since usually that’s what identifies a user on most sites) and try both of those on a bunch of different sites, from your bank and your email to your phone provider and ISP.

I use 1Password, but I’ve heard good things about LastPass/KeePass too.

I use it for all my password needs, not only for websites. Databases, Cryptographic Keys, Notes, …

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