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Lately, I’ve been finding myself with ideas of a new project in my head, I always get super excited for a while when it happens and start building it. After a few weeks, the initial excitement starts to fade until I drop it, completely bored.1 I used to ask myself:

Which are the methods to keep the motivation and the flame burning inside you after the first few weeks on a new project?

Maybe the conclusion to take home is another.

If you are no longer interested after such a short amount of time it wasn’t that good of an idea. Once you find one that you really want to make, only then it will stick.

Don’t start working right away. Sit on your idea for at least a few days (but always write it down regardless). If it fades away it just wasn’t that good. Or that was not the right moment for it.

If it’s still going strong or even if it fades, but you find yourself going back to it at a later date2 go for it!

  1. This is just an example, it does not happen all the times. 

  2. Or over and over. 

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