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My mac finally came back from repairs. It took one full week.

Luckily I had my older one to use in the meantime, but I can see how most people can’t really afford to stay one week without their main work machine.

I expected to find it working and without the SSD cleaned up and I did. I also expected them to have changed the keyboard since you can’t change individual keys with this new design. They did not do that. At all.

They told me that the Mac was not broken according to them. Totally fine. Of course it was working properly, but that was due to the fact that I just did not clean it properly, as I should have.

You see, you need to buy an air compressor and every once in a while use that on the keyboard. I did not ask if it needed to be full force since I didn’t talk to them directly, just got a paper with their findings. Totally normal. Why didn’t I think of that!?

I’m really in disbelief that they believe I would ever do something like that with the risk of breaking the already super delicate keyboard.

The next time this is going to happen, cause I know already it will. I’m goint to bring it again for repair and they will apparently complain again that it’s not broken, blow some air and ship it right back.

I’m just doing it wrong.

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