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Introducing WriteRise

WriteRise is a Mac application to track how much you write across all of your applications. It lives in the menubar and automatically tracks your writing.

At the end of the day, week, month or year you can look back at how much you’ve written each day and in which application.

WriteRise main commitment is to privacy. Everything stays on your machine and it is saved encrypted. They key is generated by your mac and saved securely to the keychain (keep it safe and don’t lose it).

Automatic Tracking

Tracking begins automatically in the background so you don’t have to do anything and each word you type will be counted.


A writing session would start when you switch to the application for the first time and would end when you switch to a different application. You can also switch between different applications withing a short time window (around 15 minutes) and it will still count as the same session so you can do research while you write an article and WriteRise won’t mistake it for 2 separate sessions.



Privacy has been one of the main focus from the start. All the data is local and stays on your mac. Nothing is sent to our servers (apart from crash reports).

Everything stored in the app is saved in an encrypted database using a random key generated at the first launch of the application and stored in the mac’s keychain. This way the data stays safe. Remember that if you lose this key you will need to reset your WriteRise data from settings.

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