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Introducing Learning Flutter

I’ve been using Flutter for the past 6 months developing prototypes and basic mobile applications for fun and to explore this new framework.

Learning Flutter was born from my passion to share this journey and what I learned with others. But why stop there?

Surely there are other people that would like to both learn and share their own tutorials and tips on Flutter. That’s why Learning Flutter is open for everyone to contribute.

If you’re not familiar with Flutter here’s a short introduction on it:

Flutter allows you to have one codebase and deploy applications to both iOS and Android devices.

Fundamentally, Flutter is for users that want beautiful apps, with delightful motion and animation, and UIs with character and an identity all their own.

If you’re new to Flutter and would like to learn to create your first application with it we have hand crafted an easy route to follow. If you’re instead already familiar with Flutter and want to try something more challenging you can try building a markdown note taking app from scratch. If you’re more interested in learning about what Flutter brings to the table and why I love it among so many others you might be interested in What Is Flutter and Why Should You Use It?.

Let me know if you have any questions or tips!

Learning Flutter is not officially endorsed by or affiliated with Google.

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