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We’re often told not to have fear, that being brave is what men should do, what you should do. We’re told that if you have any sort of fear whatsoever you’re weak.

They are wrong.

Fear is natural. They key is not to be dominated by it.

You will be fine.

Irrational Fear

Fear is a normal human emotion and having fear is totally fine. Problems arise when you let it dictate how you act or what you do. Do not let fear take over your life. You should always be in control.

When you give up your thought process and you get dominated by fear, are you still human?

Fear for a tough decision

Think about the pros and cons, if the pros are worth it (cons considered) do it. Just roll with it and see where it brings you.

Most of these decisions are reversible. Some with great pain, physical (monetary) loss, or time loss, but usually it’s not something that will haunt you forever.

Sometimes it is and that’s why every single case is different. Always think deeply before taking important decisions.

Rolling with it without thinking is not fine either, as with always in life you need to find a balance between fear, inaction, and haste.

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