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Often times I too come victim of overengineering a system too much.

Scale as needed

Nowadays most servers are on VMs that can be scaled up and down as needed. Make good use of it.

You can do 90% of it by just upgrading the machine. If you really need to fix bottlenecks you either:

  • Got a lot of traffic

So if you’re running a SaaS money to hire someone out to fix it is not going to be a problem)

  • Your system was badly designed from the get-go

Even if you shouldn’t overengineer. You cannot skip the step of preparing a detailed roadmap and specifications of the system.

If you skip this step you’ll lose a lot of the time rewriting and scrapping code you spent time writing in the first place.

Read more about it on my article about designing a system.

Static Sites

Another great way not to have any problem scaling is designing your website to be completely static. If your site is based on content that is not user-generated (a blog, a news publication or even an online shop) and doesn’t need a database having a site that doesn’t have a server might be the right option. Using Netlify or Cloudflare cloud functions you can even emulate part of the server component without really having one.

Scaling the hardware is usually cheaper than engineering time and this will keep being the case in the future. Hardware cost are going down every year.

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