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I’ve seen a lot of makers that just love going around the world. I’m not saying I would not like to do that, but I would need way more money to be able to afford it.

[This is not a critique or attack on the Digital Nomad movement, I love it and I think it’s great. It’s a personal though on what works for me and what I have planned for the future. And plans are always in motion, I might even go back and do the opposite of what I say here =) ]

I would much rather spend less now and have to work less in the future instead. I like making stuff and I like my day job, but one thing is making stuff because you’re forced to pay the bills, another thing is knowing that you have enough money to survive for some time and having the time freely available to you to decide what you want to do with it. Having an extra 8+ hours a day is huge.

I don’t think this will happen for me in the short term since (as I’ve said in my next 5 years plan) I want to buy a house in the relatively near future. For that I need a day job and the one I have is great. Great company, great colleagues and great work-life balance. I see it being possible in a bit longer timeframe though, let’s say 10 years (might happen sooner, but I always try to have reasonable estimates instead of optimistic ones).

Most of what I’m doing is possible because both me and my wife have a very learn lifestyle. We spend what we can afford and no more.

Once we get closer into getting the house I will open up a bit more on the exact finances of it and how we were able to make it work without a loan and with one income.

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