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Here in Italy people have built houses on the hill of mount Vesuvio and live there peacefully, chilometers away from the ruins of Pompei. A few other examples:

  • Same for mount Etna and its vulcano.
  • They discovered a new line between sicily and calabria that puts millions at risk.
  • In the US the eruption of yellowstone could kill millions.
  • In California the S. Andreads line could do the saame. And so much more.

How can they all live peacefully and without worry?

Why worry or something that you have no control over? Should you even worry about something like that? Something that’s not under your control?

Don’t assume the worst will happen. Place safeguards so if it does you have a plan. Don’t live in fear.

Not all bad outcomes are as likely to happen. One thing is living in Naples which is 20km from the peak, another thing is building your house on the slopes of the active vulcano.

Hundred of Millions, if not billions of people live in a permanent state of danger. They’re not scared of it. Most of them don’t think about it and some don’t even know it exists. Blissful ignorance.

Even though it might have sounded ironic it was not. Sometimes it is truly bliss, other times it is not. It varies a lot on the situation.

Obviously people residing on the sides of an active vulcano have decided that they want to live there and they’re fine with that. Who are we to judge? At the same time they put other people at risk. Why should firefighters risk their lives to save them if they have decided willingly to live there?

There are questions we just can’t give an answer to.

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