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A few months ago I started writing 200 words a day and I’ve been writing consistently every single day ever since. The goal since the beginning was of improving my website. I’ve always wanted to write a lot more than I actually did. I pass long periods of time writing and posting a lot followed by long periods of droughts of content when I focus on something else. I like to try new things, experiment and learn so I tend not to focus on the same task for more than a few months at a time. I also have very limited free times so I have to choose what I spend my time on carefully.

In November i realized I had been neglecting writing in favor of programming for way too long. And that I should do something about it. Luckily right at the same time 200 Words A Day from Basil released. I really liked the concept since I had been working on a similar Mac application for a while1.

To date, I have written more than 27k words which amount to around 300 words every single day (including Christmas and New Years’). I have written with 38 degrees fever and after coming back from work at 11pm. I’ve written on the road and on my sofa. From my Mac and from my Phone. If anything stops you from writing you’re not trying hard enough.

I preferred retroactively adding all the post with their original publication dates. You might notice some days missing. It simply means that I added 200 words to an existing article.

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