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We are so used to use highways that we rarely see anything at all of the landscape we pass through during our car journeys. In some cases it’s a must. Fit example in Italy every single time you choose not to use a highway you increase the time taken to reach your destination by one third of more. It is simply not feasible most times.

The few times you can afford to do it without losing much time it is a completely different experience for the highway. In Italy we have lots of missions and while highways just cut through them using tunnels normal roads go up to the top and down the other side. They are windy roads that are fun to drive and the scenery is usually spectacular.My wife doesn’t like them though since locals always drive at crazy speeds with no regards for safety.

In Poland it is different since it has very little highway infrastructure present so you’re forced to use the country roads more often. The landscape is mostly flat, but there are lots of forests and your blind to drive thought at least a few of them on the way.

Use the small roads every once in a while on slot trips to enjoy the scenery (and sometimes the wildlife), you will take a bit longer, but it is not the same boring highway as usual.

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