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Consistency is hard. There are days when nothing comes out, days when you are busy, days when you’re not in the mood, days when you are on holidays, days that you want to spend with your family…

I’m sure that everyone with a streak longer than 30 days has struggled through the same problems at least a few times. There have been days when I got up at 6 am and got back home at 23 and still managed to write something. Sure it was not the best article I’ve ever written here for sure, but it was something.

I hear from a lot of people that it doesn’t matter, it’s just putting words one after another. That, per se, writing consistently is pointless if it doesn’t lead to something else.

Why should it? It is going to be great if it does and you if you get encouraged to start writing that book that you were always trying to the more power to you! But it should not be a given. Writing for the sake of writing and writing for yourself are totally fine reasons and should be welcomed and appreciated.

Proud of being part of it and being humbled by the great work everyone has and is doing on the platform.

Great job everyone, to the next 30 days and beyond!

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