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This article is written from a point of view of being a programmer, but the concepts in it can easily be generalized to any other field.

Lately, I’m seeing so many young programmers that despise change. They would rather not talk about it or the future and if explicitely asked they don’t want to change anything. I feel like very typical of the Italian society at them moment, im not sure if it’s the same thing internationally, but a general feeling of being scared and insecure for the future is surely there.

Change is natural. Change is inevitable. Change is necessary.1

This applies to the Tech World as well, even more so seen that things in Tech moves so fast.

Loving one company or one technology is totally fine, turning that this love into “I’ll only work on this stack forever” is senseless and dumb.

I worked exclusively on iOS for 2 full years. After that, during these last 20 months, I had to transition to a million different roles and I grew tremendously. Some kind of jobs were a good fit and were less, but I still did a decent job at it and learned a lot.

  • Project Manager
  • Backend Developer (SQL, PHP)
  • Frontend Developer (HTML, CSS, Js)
  • SysAdmin (Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora)
  • Hardware Installation
  • Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive, VR
  • Android Developer and Tester (Java)
  • Meetings (Met major European CEO, CTO and more)

That to say that iOS is not gonna stay around forever and even it if does, every single year there are changes on the OS, SDKs, APIs and best practices. You need to keep yourself updated.

Learn how to program, learn how to work with people and learn how to be flexible.

These are the most important skills you can have. Bet on yourself and always be open to learn new things. Never root yourself too much on one technology or one area of business, you’ll ultimately suffer for it.

  1. More so in our industry. 

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