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Apps on Android

Dislaimer: I’m an iOS and Mac Developer.

Android has an insane number of apps. Lately it has nothing to be envious of iOS on this point. But boy, the ones that miss are truly missed though.

What Android still needs:

  1. Todo It has lot of simple todos, but still misses something like Omnifocus or Things.
  2. Free Podcast Player Every free one I tried has something that I don’t like. The only decent one is Pocketcast. I have no problem paying for high quality apps, but I think there should be a free app that is usable. At the moment that’s not the case.
  3. Notes app A minimalist note taking app that instead of syncying to Google Drive and everythings Google easily syncs to my Mac.

On the other hand it has so many apps that could never exitst on iOS because of Apple rules. iOS being so closed just can’t support certain kind of android apps (like tasker or acr) that are life savers. So in the end the opposite is also true. I’m not sure I’d want to go back to using iOS on my main device without them as I didn’t want to use android without an app such as Omnifocus/Things before I made the switch. The conclusion is that I like both for different reasons and I’m not completely comfortable with either since both have their own shorcomings.

I’d love to have an OS that mixes the high quality iOS apps to the freedom of Android. Hopefully one day we’ll get out of this duopoly for the good of everyone, but since that time is upon us we can only hope and compromise…

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