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Many people think that Technology is uniquely to blame for our lack of focus and attention:

constant access to technology. Because of technology, it is basically impossible to become “bored”. The extra time that used to be force kids to become inventive to think of something to do or make can now be filled with mindless internet and social media surfing.

“Phone, show me funny images”

“surfing the web” is basically saying, “I can’t think of anything to do with my time so I want my device to find me something random that is somewhat amusing until it is time to do something I am told to do”

That’s total bullshit. Don’t blame technology for your own fallacies.

If there wasn’t tech, you would find another excuse. Technology is GREAT and it’s also a great way to be productive or learn new things: learn a new language, design something, learn programming, write an article, build a website, ……..

So many things we’d miss out on without it.

I really don’t understand how so many people think it’s all technology’s fault. Sure technology might facilitate such kind of behavior I’m not denying that, but if you think that without technology you will be productive all the time and the only reason you are not is because of technology you are deluding yourself.

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