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This comes from my limited view on the topic. Read it with a grain of salt.

A simple tip to reduce App Store rejections:

So simple and brilliant! Just write notes about your app for all reviewers to see

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work in all cases. I got apps that kept getting rejected for the stupidest of reasons and apps that got rejected for ‘political reasons’. I don’t find any of those correct.

The app review is 50/50, at times the reviewer tries to understand what you’re saying, other times they just build up a wall and keep shouting the same thing over and over, no matter what you say. In those cases you know that’s something that came from the higher-ups so you don’t really have many choices apart from doing what they ask.

In the end, the pros still justify the cons in my opinion. It would be nice though if there was more clearness. For how it stands now it’s more or less a roll of dice. Also, the different treatment that big publishers get is a big let down to all indie developers and small companies that can`t pull those kinds of strings and are stuck in the ‘slow lane’. We shouldn’t have different standards.

The tip to write notes is not to disregard alltogether. It is useful to write notes and it might help at times, the problem is that not always is enough to get approved even though you are not doing anything wrong (from your point of view).

Always try to work with the review team and be open and transparent about what your app does.

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